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Shanghai Hope Chem Co.,Ltd is high-tech company integrated with the R&D, production and marketing. It was establish in 2014. The main products are APIs and intermediates of antiviral drug substances and anti-inflammatory, analgesic, non-steroidal pharmaceuticals.

Shanghai Hope Chem Co.,Ltd have three GMP plants in Henan, Anhui, Shandong province, covers about 43,000.m2, the total employee is about 560, more than 42% of personnel have the college above education background, more than 160 people are engineer and technicians. The total asset is about RMB806 million. The products, more than 80%, are exported to overseas including Europe, USA, Asia and twenty other countries.

Our Mission:

To be a global and first class APIs & Pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturer.

To ensure the healthy and sustainable development for customers, employee, society and shareholders.

Our Orientation:

Focus on the APIs manufacturing, assisting with intermediates and CMO business, expanding to domestic formulation market.

Our Five Years Strategic Goals:

To be the most important APIs and intermediates manufacturer of anti-cancer series,Antineoplastic and antiviral.


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